March 09, 2004

Research Ideas

  • Rose, an RSS, OMPL database-based aggregator with filters, searching etc. Build a workflow engine that lets requests be mapped across a pipeline of actions. Smartlists let users configure specific RSS feeds from existing feeds. Rose serves as a platform for RSS research.
  • Certification for web services. How can they be monitored to provide a "Good-Housekeeping Seal of Approval"? Do conformace engines for various protocols and certify products as "compliant." Certify interoperability. Conformance engine is a hosted web service. Extend conformance services to producers and consumers. Do they produce valid messages? Also, monitoring systems for specific web services, certification standards for SLAs, etc. What should Web services do to be trusted? Trust levels. Is there a common legal framework that can be set up, like creative commons, for Web services?
  • Virutalized protocol servers for sercurity, based on identity. Easy to add logging and auditing service/risk management.
Posted by windley at March 9, 2004 03:38 PM